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Brown Bag It

You are cordially "uninvited" to Brown Bag It for SC4K!

People eating lunch

Back by popular demand… Brown Bag It for SC4K this September!

100% of your gift benefits local kids in need… 100% of your time is yours! No valet parking. No long check-in lines. No standard issue chicken lunch.

We know you are busy, but want an opportunity to make a difference for local kids. Instead of coming to a stuffy luncheon, take a brown bag lunch break for yourself – and for Greater Cleveland kids in need.

Catch up on reading, phone a friend, do something that makes you happy… and in exchange for this hour of free time, consider making a donation to Shoes and Clothes for Kids.

Because we don’t need to pay for a ballroom, lunch and parking, 100% of your donation will help us provide more than 11,000 kids in need with brand new shoes, clothing, school uniforms and other essentials this fall.

Check back later in the year for more information about how you can Brown Bag It!