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Socks in the City Campaign

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Socks in the City

December 4th is National Sock Day and this year SC4K is celebrating with a Socks in the City Campaign.

The campaign will include a month long sock collection drive that will start on November 4th and end on December 5th. The goal for the Socks in the City Campaign is to collect 5,000 packs of socks (all sizes needed) and $5,000 in monetary donations. Helping SC4K reach both goals will allow us to provide socks to over 5,000 children in 2020.

3 Collection Drive Options:

  1. Sock Collection Drive – collect packs of socks in all sizes.

  2. Virtual Collection Drive – collect monetary donations using a customized weblink form, provided by SC4K, to collect the donations.

  3. Combination of Both – some groups like to give both options for participants that like to shop and those who would rather donate financially.

Thanks to our major donor: 

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Getting Started


Before you get started, consider the following:

  • Determine what type of drive you want to host.
    • Collection Drive
    • Virtual Drive – Solicit monetary donations online from your group to cover the cost of SC4K purchasing socks.
  • Get creative with the collection! Organize competitions - create teams and award prizes to those who collect the most.
  • Choose the length of time and the dates during which you will host the drive. You can run your campaign for a day, a week, or the entire month.
  • Select a location for collection bins or boxes at your organization. Observe high-traffic and accessible areas.

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Promoting Your Drive


Before the drive begins:

  • Send out an email, memo and/or voicemail announcing the kickoff date
  • Include news about the upcoming drive in your invitations, newsletters and/or meeting announcements
  • Distribute flyers to your staff and membership
  • Let your community relations or public relations department know about the drive

During the drive:

  • Set up a box at your party and/or put boxes out in high-traffic areas
  • Have some fun and decorate your collection box
  • Make sure everyone is aware of the most needed items
  • Create fun themes, such as "Casual Crayon Fridays" to encourage and reward team donations
  • Keep participants informed by tracking progress and celebrating successes
  • Announce when the drive is reaching its end (about one week prior) for an extra kick

Ready to host a sock drive?

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