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The Game Changer

The Game Changer

SC4K owes a huge thank you to Marc Bona for donating a portion of the proceeds from his new book, The Game Changer, to Shoes and Clothes for Kids. Please help support SC4K by purchasing The Game Changer,


"Sportswriter Catharine Andrews knows what professional football is like in the near future, but as the season begins she finds herself digging into a mysterious, dominating player’s past to uncover the secret of his greatness. This all-ages book gives the reader a vantage on the field and in the locker room as a mystery unfolds."


Marc Bona is an award-winning features writer for who previously worked in assorted editing roles for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, The Post-Tribune in Gary, Indiana; The Times Union in Albany, New York; The Detroit News, San Antonio Light and The Dallas Morning News. He lives in Akron, Ohio, with his wife Lynne Sherwin and rescue pup, Addie. He can be reached at