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Community Impact

Serving Cleveland’s Neediest Children for Nearly 50 Years

Founded in 1969 by businessman Morrie Sayre as Shoes for Kids, the organization originally collected shoes to distribute directly to the children in need and later raised money to purchase new shoes to serve children directly in the schools. Shoes for Kids officially became Shoes and Clothes for Kids in 1998.

Today, SC4K distributes only brand new items – school uniforms, casual clothing, socks, underwear, shoe gift cards and school supplies – to help K-8 students attend and stay in school.

SC4K purchases and distributes shoe vouchers instead of shoes, allowing families to purchase new shoes or boots of their own choosing that are stylish and fit properly. These vouchers help us carry out our mission with compassion, care and respect.

SC4K distributes its items through a network of distribution partners located strategically throughout Greater Cleveland, and through a program with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. By providing new school-appropriate clothing, shoes and supplies through these partner agencies, SC4K connects families to other important programs and services that improve and enrich their lives…and help improve school attendance.

SC4K charges no fees to our recipients or distribution partners, and therefore relies solely on the support of a wide variety of donors, including individuals, foundations, corporations, organizations, small businesses.

In 2019, SC4K will distribute new school uniforms and other clothing, and shoe vouchers with a retail value of more than $2.4 million. Also this year, our Cleveland Kids in Need Resource Center will provide nearly 3,000 area school teachers with free supplies for their classroom with a total retail value of more than $2 million.

2018 Organizational Highlights