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Cleveland Kids in Need helps The Intergenerational School after flooding!

On the evening of January 9, 2018, a pipe burst on an upper floor of The Intergenerational School, a charter school located in Cleveland, Ohio. Through the night, water flooded the entire building until a teacher found it the next morning.

Nearly everything in the school was destroyed.

Cleveland Kids In Need Resource Center quickly responded by obtaining a consolidated list of most-needed items from TIS’s principal, Silvia Kruger, and offering a special shopping day for its 25 teachers to get supplies.

The Center donated pallets of school supplies including 800 markers, 650 pencils, 200 pens, 225 glue sticks, 325 pocket folders, tape, paper, and much more for the school’s 247 students, as well as classroom supplies for the teachers’ rooms. TIS’s teachers especially appreciated the 31 Brand hampers they were given to store the kids’ shoes and coats.  

The Intergenerational School was able to open on February 1 with new school and classroom supplies thanks to the help of Cleveland Kids In Need.

Principal Kruger said, "Coming into the school that morning and seeing students work floating in water was wrenching. I reached out to Tammi Davis from Kids in Need who put together huge pallets of supplies based on the teacher’s wish list to get us back up and running. We were so grateful to have the basic supplies to reopen our school!”