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Having clean uniforms improves attendance, grades in Cleveland students; program aims to provide more: Eric Gordon, Dee Haslam and Tracy Jemison II

When we get dressed for work each morning, we each have a closet full of clean clothes to choose from -- and the thought of missing work because we have nothing appropriate to wear never crosses our mind.

Browns Foundation recognized with Allan Krulak Golden Shoe Award

The Browns were recognized Wednesday night for their efforts in the community. The team was given the 2016 Allan Krulak Golden Shoe Award for its efforts to provide Cleveland school children with clothes and uniforms. The Browns partnered with Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) and Cleveland schools in what the team's foundation called the Special Teams Package. The effort was part of the school's district effort to get kids to school.

SC4K Acquires Two Non-Profit Organizations; United Way CEO Discusses Youth Philanthropy Initiative

March 22, 2017 (Cleveland, OH) – Shoes and Clothes for Kids, Inc. announced today at its annual meeting and community stakeholder forum that is has completed the mergers of Alan Silverman’s Uniforms for Kids and the Cleveland Kids in Need Resource Center, part of the national Kids in Need Foundation into its organization. It also reported that in 2016 it provided more than 100,000 clothing items, including 2,000 new school uniforms, and more than 11,000 shoe gift cards to 11,283 needy children in Cleveland.

Shoes and Clothes for Kids Increases "Back to School" Donations This Year

Cleveland Metropolitan School District to Honor SC4K as a "Five Star General"

(CLEVELAND), July 28, 2016 – More than 2,000 local kids in need will head back to school with brand new school uniforms next month thanks to a new partnership between Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K) & Uniforms for Kids. This critical back to school program supports the clothing needs of local children, eliminating a cause of chronic absenteeism and making sure that every child gets to school every day.

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